Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Amazing pin cushion

I recently saw someone post about receiving this amazing pin cushion on Facebook.  Oh, I love the internet!

I did a little research, found out who makes them and ordered one.  It's like a little dress form!  I got to pick out the fabrics and trim!!  Love it!

This is a card for  Cindy Thompson, who made it for me.  

One of the first places I wanted to go in Bend was to Tuesday Morning, which I had heard was selling Benartex jelly rolls and charm squares.  I'm hoping it's "authentic" fabric, although I only bought two packages of charm squares (needed for Ryan!!)

Over the weekend, I read an article in the NY Times where they were reprinting outstanding  college application essays from high school seniors around the country.  I read this one and thought you'd enjoy it.  Hopefully you can read it.  This student reminisced about her grandmother's quilting.  It is very charming, I think.  Very impressive for an 18 yr old!

I've been working on using a bag of bow ties I made years ago.  My May mini!  Wendy Reed, take note!  Hope to  show you in a couple of days.


  1. The pin keep is beautiful. You chose pretty fabrics. The college essay is really nice.

  2. That is quite the fancy pincushion! Is that Kaffe fabric?
    With all of those precuts to chose from, you showed great restraint in your purchase.
    Loved that article. Great storytelling.

  3. Cute pincushion. Thank you for sharing the college essay. Reading it took me back to my own youth and my immigrant grandparents, and the year my grandfather struggled and later died from cancer. My umcle, aunt and I helped my grandmother harvest the vegetable crops by hand, and every evening spend several hours in the cobblestone cellar cleaning, candle in and packing eggs for the open air market. This young woman will succeed in college and in life because she knows what life is about already and hasn't been coddled her entire childhood like so many of our young people.

  4. Cute pincushion! Don't know if I'd have had as much restraint at Tuesday Morning.😃Thanks for including the essay. Makes me think about how incredibly lucky I've been! Good reminder.

  5. What a lovely article. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. Your pincushion is very cute ! Thank you for sharing !
    Oh I have the same business card ! So fun !