Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dangerous weatherstripping...sheesh

Ever do something so stupid, avoidable and embarrassing??
I opened a door onto my foot, causing the very sharp edge of the weatherstripping to cut my foot. I went to the doctor to get an antibiotic (of course I didn't go right away...) and wound up having minor surgery to completely remove my toe nail!! No pedicures for me anytime soon!!

At least it wasn't one of my fingers, right??

I'm feeling fine-- was a little challenging walking to the park with Ryan and Emma yesterday but it's not so bad... Just feel stupid! And anxious to fix it so no one else has the same problem!!


  1. I'm so sorry:( I am missing a toenail too and I've painted it to look like I've got one! lol I love the way they wrap things up in the ER!! Can you wearing flip flops?

  2. OH. Gosh. Bless your heart! I have done stuff like that too...but just keep on going. Dr's scare me...even more than my own stupidity!! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. omgosh, I feel so bad for you. so glad it doesn't hurt....more annoying I guess. Love the bandaging! I am laughing cause only a blogger would take a picture of this in the ER!!!!
    hope the nail grows back quickly...
    take care of yourself

  4. I would call this one of your `very annoying`moments.
    gotta say that must of hurt when it happened maybe you can put a tatoo where the baby nail used to be...put a pretend manicured nail there.
    Well I would agree with Kathie only a blogger would take this in the ER...LOL. Well do get well, hope your healing is quick!

  5. Oh Randy, so sorry to hear that. Hope you are better soon and chasing Ryan around like crazy.

    so sorry, that certainly does not sound like fun.
    Now don't let it get infected and have fun loving up on those Grandbabies!

    Happy Sewing

  7. Oh, Randy, that is no fun at all! Especially when it limits your grandparenting. I feel for you. And I can imagine the thoughts going through your head when you realized what had happened! : )

  8. OH, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO well, this could have happened to anyone, i'm painting the main room at the moment and cross my fingers, do be carefull from now on, i don't want to see you in Paris in bits and pieces..
    Love, Will

  9. Ouch. Hope it heals quickly and without further issues.

  10. Oh my, things happen so quick some times. I hope you heal well and are back to all the things you love to do soon. Amy in Wisconsin

  11. Hate to even tell anyone what I did this summer. I ran my finger over w the sewing machine. Lodged the Needle into the BONE OH! I was hoarse bc I had a lung infection I couldn't yell for help. I had to go from the 2nd floor, to the basement Garage get DH to come and take me to the ER. I think the meds were making me too shakey. I proabbly shouldn't have been operating 'heavy' machinery! I laugh about it now.

    It healed nicely. there is a small piece of the needle still in there, but I have full use of the finger. It will be OK as long as it doesn't bother me they aren't going to take it out.

  12. Oh, ouch! I hope it's feeling better.

  13. obviously behind on my reading!!! so sorry about your owie. take your antibiotics, keep foot clean and elevated. drink one glass of wine before bed. sleep tight.

  14. What's happening with your foot?
    I keep imagining you in this same position as the picture you posted days ago!

    Happy healing

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