Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Frustrated by no connection

I'm sorry to say that the place where we are retreating has no Internet nor very good phone service so the Sow-a-long blocks are will have to wait until I can get to an Internet place....
So sorry
love to you all
Randy in New Glarus, Wisconsin


  1. Hey, I'm fine with that. This way I won't fall behind as soon. : )
    Hope you are having a great time!

  2. hope your having lots of fun and enjoying the beautiful weather

  3. We can live with that.... and you are in the middle of some of the most beautiful farms steads around. My cousin's beautiful farm is in New Glarus, Wisconsin!!!!

  4. Wow Randy, I've been to New Glarus! Spotted Cow is my hubby's favorite beer! You MUST visit the brewery!!! The CEO is a woman. Have a wonderful time. Such a great town. I'm just a couple hours away.

  5. LOVED that part of Wisconsin ... gorgeous! Enjoy and don't worry about modern technology's failures ... you're with friends, quilting, sharing and in a beautiful place ... ENJOY!!

  6. Oh good! Relax and enjoy being unplugged meanwhile I'll try and catch up on my blocks before you get home :0). I'm getting there :0)

    Happy Sewing, I hope you are having a great time........the Fall pictures are wonderful.