Sunday, October 28, 2012

Have you missed me?

I am flying home Monday and will be anxious to share some amazing pictures and stories with you after a fabulous week's vacation with my husband, Mark.

I do miss my babies and machines so I will be happy to be home. Can't believe I've missed the whole world series, too. That's bad timing.,

Hope everyone is well and sewing away.,

Love to you all
Randy, and I will reveal where we went!


  1. Looking forward to your return!

  2. I will enjoy reliving your journey through your photos.
    Of course we missed you! : )

  3. I hope you can get home, things here on the East coast are a mess.
    Did you get to take that trip that was canceled from last year?

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  4. Yes ... you've been missed! Glad you're having fun, though ... looking forward to the photos.

  5. Are you off with those beautiful grandchildren?

    Good news I'm all caught up on the sow along :0)
    Yeah for me!

    Happy Sewing, hope all is well in your world