Tuesday, December 11, 2012

BACK, at last

I love traveling but I've gotta say that being home is great. I just love my own bed!

I had a wonderful trip and, as promised, I'm going to share some pictures.  Here's a picture of one of my favorite people, Will.  I brought her a little pincushion I made from the Shawnee glass I got in Wisconsin this fall.  She was very excited!

This is one of my favorite spots in all of Paris: The D'Orsay Museum.

The D'Orsay is a converted train station.  It's a stunning example of beautiful architecture with absolutely amazing art.  I love it there, although the crowds are pretty large, even in December!

We were waiting for a bus one evening and the color of the buildings was just amazing. I'm not sure this picture was able to capture the white glow well enough but I hope you can get the idea.  This is a pretty typical view of the Seine.

Christmas windows and other goodies will follow, as well as the blocks for December!!

Hope you are all having a great holiday season.

Love to you all,


  1. Welcome home from Paris you lucky dog!
    I do love that city and have great memories of so many lovely museums, store fronts, and of course the amazing ambiance.

    Happy Sewing and Merry Christmas

  2. The buildings do seem to be glowing against the backdrop of that pink-tinged sky. Beautiful! And welcome home.

  3. I WILL go to Paris one of these days!!
    Looks lovely Randy. So glad you got some time with Mark.

  4. Wait! You went to Paris instead of giving us the next set of blocks?! You have a life! (good for you).

  5. Having never been to Paris I'm a little envious but OH SO HAPPY that you got to go! What a wonderful way to spend the advent to Christmas! Can't wait for the other pictures!! Linda

  6. Beautiful pictures. I need to go there some day.