Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Galleries Lafayette

One of the largest department stores in Paris is called Galleries Lafayette.  You cannot imagine the CROWDS in that store.  It's also enormous, covering two city blocks! The French go all out in their displays.  I thought this display was amazing. They look real, don't they?

That store's windows were in large part devoted to Louis Vitton purses and luggage.  They were fabulous! And all the little characters were moving, including the bear!

This is another favorite.  I couldn't imagine all the work in putting together all the little trinkets they put into this window:

This one is my all-time favorite, I think.  The doggie was wearing headphones and actually his head and rocking to the music.  It was awesome.

Here was another Louis Vitton window.  This polar bear was enormous, and moving, like all the other little figures.

 Kind of looks like animals were a central theme, doesn't it??

I'll post some more pictures tomorrow. Don't want to overload you.

Love to you all,


  1. My goodness, these displays are amazing, Randy. I feel like I would stand there gawking and they may as well stamp "tourist" on my forehead! : )
    Those ladies look quite real--except for the pasty complexions.

  2. Wow - they definitely know how to design window displays!

  3. How fun!! Yes, windows full of animals:)

  4. Wow! I'm not a "shopper" (other than for quilt fabrics!!!) but these windows and this store were amazing. LOVE the window with the evening gowns and all the glitz ... I would have been mesmerized! Linda

  5. I would still be standing and gazing at the windows. LOL