Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just Takes Forever, Part I

Lori is quite the inspiration! She got her JTF quilt completely together this week. I hoped to finish mine as well and, with Lori's guidance, I am putting it together in sections. Here is the first part!!
All I can say is "WHEW!"
These blocks really took forever!!

Love to you all


  1. Looking good. And it's not race right? Doesn't matter how long it takes.

  2. Looking very pretty, Randy. Nice to have someone to help motivate and inspire you--or just push you to do what you don't feel like doing. : )

  3. Good grief, that Lori is such a keener :-) I'm glad she is there to motivate you, I've put my aside for the last 2 months. It's still out, just not in motion. It's my January piecing project. Are you spending Christmas in Sun River?

  4. Your JTF looks great!! I do love that quilt, but so glad that I didn't make it - I don't think even Lori could have motivated me to get it finished.

  5. The basket block is what caught my eye in this section. Very well done.

  6. That top room, center block scares me! BEAUTIFUL work though ... love, love red/white ... gorgeous!

  7. Oh my goodness.....good for you, I am months away from finishing but you give me inspiration :0) Isn't this going to be lovely? Have a quilting plan in mind?

    Happy Sewing and Merry Christmas