Saturday, December 8, 2012

First night of Chanukah

Happy Chanukah!  Tonight is the first night.  If I was home, I'd be lighting a candle in one of our menorahs.  It's going to have to wait until we get back Monday night.

When I get back, I'll be sending you the most amazing pictures. I've been snapping Christmas windows and can't wait to post them.  I don't have the internet on my phone while away, so you will just have to wait. And I'll also reveal my whereabouts, too, since I know you are seriously wondering Where in the World is Randy???? :=)

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend.

Love to you all,


  1. Thanks for the link on Chanukah. I have known some of the background of the holiday, but it was interesting to learn more.
    Where did you two go this time? : )

  2. Happy first day of Chanukah, dear friend!!

  3. Happy Chanukah, We are going to celebrate by lighting our first candle and then going out to a staff Christmas party, lol.

  4. Happy first day of Chanukah! hope you are having a wonderful time
    can't wait to see the pictures

  5. Well I can't wait to see where you are snapping pictures of Christmas are like Waldo....where in the world is Randy.
    Happy Chanukah!

    Happy Sewing too

  6. Happy Chanukah! Are you in New York because I think of NY when I think of holiday windows.