Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Retreating in snowy Sunriver

My family usually spends some of the winter holidays in Sunriver.  Last year, Claire and Lori and I got together for some serious sewing before the family arrived so we thought we'd do it again this year.

Claire and I drove the 9 hours yesterday through all kinds of weather.  We arrived to a beautiful winter wonderland here in Sunriver!!

Note the temperature warmed up from the chilly 10* it was when I went outside to snow blow the driveway so Lori could put her car in~!!

Here's the view out our living room window! Just gorgeous.

The sow-a-long blocks are almost ready to be posted...all 6 of them!! It's my first project for today! I have a couple already done and Claire thinks they're adorable!!

Hope you're all having a great pre-holiday season and not too stressed.

Love to you all,


  1. Your snow is beautiful. A little envious, we are having rain.

  2. Gorgeous view, Randy! Have a fun girls' sewing time!

  3. Snow is the EXACT reason we retired "north" (Traverse City, MI) rather than heading south. SO gorgeous ... love it!

  4. Looks beautiful. Have fun sewing with the girls.