Thursday, February 19, 2015

Baby it's cold outside

When they say cold, they really mean it!!
That is up from the -7 earlier today! Not including the wind chill factor, which I totally do not get since it's not windy!!

It is beautiful!

But the warmth inside more than makes up for the frigid temps outside!
Look what was waiting for me at my sewing machine, courtesy of the hostess with the mostess!!

First project will be the bazillions of 4-patches for the Dipped in Chocolate I started in North Carolina. Remember that one??

Debbie already started showing me her things, which are very motivating:

Notice her charming son Ryan popping up in the back! I always enjoy seeing him!!

Then there are the dolls which I've loved:

More once the others start arriving!


  1. Brrrr!
    That little gift from your hostess is adorable!
    Dipped in Chocolate blows me away!
    I especially love Debbie's little hexie quilt. : )

  2. What a great post Randy !!! Lovely presents and cute show and tell !
    Enjoy..... :)

  3. What a wonderful time ... you are right ... best thing to do in this weather is quilt and w(h)ine .... LOL Linda