Friday, February 13, 2015


This isn't quilty but funny nevertheless!
I saw the back of this car in the airport parking lot last night. Hysterical!!

Sort of quilty: I saw this little table in Bend and fell in love. Looks like a quilt to me!

We are having a big weekend: our son is getting married in our house !! His fiancée is from Germany and her parents are flying in for the weekend. We are expecting beautiful weather!

We will have the kids too!

Sewing next week!!


  1. Oh my...I've never seen a car like ! No comment !! :)))))
    Congrats for your son ! You will be very busy for a few days !!!
    Enjoy .....

  2. Congratulations, wishing you wonderful weather and a beautiful event

  3. Wishing you an amazing weekend. Congrats to the lucky couple. Enjoy

  4. Best wishes to your son and his bride for many happy years! Enjoy your company and the grands ;-) Love, love, love the chest/table ... would have been in my trunk for the ride home! Have a great weekend ... our weather is snowing like crazy with record sub zero temps for the next 3-4 days!! Quilting is in my immediate future ;-) Linda

  5. Wow--a wedding and babysitting in the same weekend? You will be one busy lady. Hope all goes well!

  6. Congrats to you and your family on the upcoming wedding! It will be a whirlwind weekend for you. Or maybe a pinwheel weekend. Glad your weather will be cooperating!

  7. A very Busy, Valentine's Weekend for you! I hope the sky is Clear in Sun River. I presume that's where the wedding is. He will never forget thier Anniversary. Smart couple. Love that you get the grands!