Sunday, February 22, 2015

Samples returned

I've made a number of samples for my friend Pat's quilt shop over the past few years, which was great fun and a huge honor. 
She has closed her shop in order to open a retreat: Prairie Hill Retreat Center in Janesville. Anyway, she gave me back 3 samples I had made (and honestly had completely forgotten about!!)

I love this simple pattern, just 16-patches on point!

Another very simple quilt! Flying geese and half square triangles!

Ridiculously simple!

And the back:

Here are Terri and Peggy's projects on the same Dipped In Chocolaye-- they are further along than I am, of course:

Terri has hers in rows, ready to assemble:

Debbie has hers finished

Here is another Debbie Dodge masterpiece:

This was a Kim Diehl pattern

We are having fun! I now have about 55 blocks done for my 25-patch - only about 25 more to go!! Ugh!!!


  1. Oh lovely quilts--my DH says he is always surprised to see just how much a binding changes a quilt!
    I love that "Dipped in Chocolate" pattern--You have some very talented friends--nice group. Hugs, Julierose

  2. What a nice surprise to get the samples back! They are all lovely. The Dipped in Chocolate quilt is amazing. Can' wait to see yours finished! So many temptations!

  3. All the show and tell quilts are amazing !!
    You are like little bees working with dozen of squares !!
    You are all talented and your projects are going to be cute !!

  4. Your quilts are so beautiful!! Enjoy your will have 25 blocks done in no time!!

  5. Fantastic! Retreat time is so fun!

  6. Srappiouscly(sp?) delicious! Very inspiring!