Sunday, February 22, 2015

I'm losing it

Or maybe I've already lost it.

I was on the phone with my darling grandson, Ryan, this afternoon, as I was packing my stuff up to leave my dear friends in Wisconsin to head back.  While chatting with him (he wanted details about this coming weekend when they are coming over for the weekend!), I packed up my computer and charger.

On the way to the bus to get to O'Hare, I had a sneaking suspicion that perhaps I hadn't put the laptop into my carry-on bag.  CORRECT.

My sweetest friends tried calling me to come back (my phone was in my pocket and on silent) Debbie's even sweeter husband came barreling down the highway to meet me at the bus stop to deliver my laptop and charger, just as the bus was getting ready to pull away!

Morale of the story:
Doing more than one thing at one time at my age is dangerous~!

Oh, and by the way, the magic number is SEVEN!!!

I'm in Denver on my way up to Bend, Oregon. I'll be home on Thursday, in time to get the kiddies!! WOOHOO... Oh and see my dearest, sweetheart of a husband, Mark~!


  1. I used to be the QUEEN of multi-tasking ... no more!!! It gets worse, too ... not only forgetting what you walked into a room to get but forgetting to even GO into the room! LOL Travel safe!! Sent you a PM about a Bernina machine question ... opinion needed. Linda

  2. Whew--that was a close one! Glad it all worked out! : )

  3. I think our brains just get full sometimes!! Have fun on your travels!!

  4. I can no longer walk down the street while chewing gum!! Welcome to my world. One thing at a time is my new motto. And don't talk to me when I'm cooking if you cherish your stomach!! Does that part of our brain just wither away??? And so it goes. hugs, stay warm, Julierose

  5. i used to could do three things at once but not now!