Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Here are a few quilts I saw during my time in Wisconsin. These 2 are Debbie's:

There are a few more rows waiting to be added. Isn't it darling??

This is an Irish Chain. I love the colors!

Debbie wanted to make the same little quilt I had done last fall so here are the two side by side:
She was tryng to decide on borders but she used a lighter background, which made a huge difference, I think. 

Terri made a cute little doll quilt for our newest sewing sister, Lucy, who is absolutely adorable and very distracting!!
She was very tired after playing all morning!
She is DarLynn's puppy called a MalShi. 

Terri also brought a quilt she made so I could look at her center blocks. This was a swap we did last year called Under the big top. I think Lori had seen the quilt and drafted up a block on her blog, HumbleQuilts. We swapped half square triangles in different sizes. Terri did a great job!
This is my favorite, I think. 

The colors are so vibrant!

Magic number is 4!! Woohoo!!


  1. nice quilts but under the big top is wow...i simply love that one!

  2. Beautiful quilts--love that top crosses one a lot! MalShi is adorable--talk about a distraction, huh? sooo cute!! hugs, Julierose

  3. I do love that Irish Chain.
    Oh, who could focus on sewing with that cute little pup around? Adorable!! : )
    I loved Lori's Under The Big Top, but knew I could never face that many HSTs. This one is wonderful, too. Have you started assembly of yours?

  4. Love the dog. What breed is it? I think I want something like that for my next dog. JoAnne in Keller, TX

  5. Wow! Love her version of Under the Big Top. Is the one with aqua sashing the chocolate quilt? Just with different colored sash? I LOVE it!

  6. Debbie is a talented quilter ! And I loooove the new version of the quilt "Under the big top" !! What colors !!
    Great work for all your friends ! :)
    Thank you for sharing !

  7. So many fun quilts--especially love Under the Big Top!

  8. All wonderful quilts! And what an adorabel puppy

  9. Such an adorable little puppy! Terri's Under the Big Top is just amazing! I really want to make Lori's design one day. The other quilts are wondeful too!