Monday, August 10, 2020

Covid 19 update

 I'm happy to report that my mom is remarkably recovering from her bout with Covid-19.  I'm not completely confident that she'll recover, since I've read many stories about the elderly taking turns for the worse after looking good.  But as of now, she's eating, drinking and getting up.  Her speech is very limited which I'm guessing is a product of the virus as well.  It's still amazing to me!  

Thank you for all your very kind wishes asking about her and praying for her recovery.  It was heartwarming!!

On the sewing front, I did finish the border on that log cabin kid quilt, having found an adorable stripe which matched well enough.  It is sad to say that I have absolutely no recollection of having purchased this fabric, nor do I remember ever seeing it before.  But no matter---I found it here at the cabin and it worked just fine!

I must confess that in a moment of weakness I purchased an entire bolt of a cute light pink print!  It was on sale from Missouri Quilts and have decided to use it instead of whites.
Let's be serious, really.  How long will it take me to use up an entire bolt of fabric?? Probably a while!! VBG. If you think you'd like some, let me know!  I've got LOTS to spare!!

I did find a cute pattern using 2-1/2" strips and have been using the pink instead of the muslin the pattern calls for.  I haven't squared up the block/unit yet but you can get the idea.  It'll be a perfect quilt for a child.
I actually think it's more interesting with the pink rather than plain muslin, don't you?

I've also been working on my neighborhood and decided it really needs some trees. So I looked on Pinterest and found the perfect size tree.  I only started last night so there are only two so far.  But they add some more interest.

I will likely continue to look for other trees that might fit the right size, just for a variety.

On another note, not quilt related, I decided to start a little book club with my 10 yr old grandson to encourage him to read and sharpen his comprehension.  So he picked a book (Nancy Drew!!)  and we've been reading a few chapters every couple of days, and he answers the questions I email to his mom.  We've been doing this on FaceTime.  Since he loves to cook, we are also baking for each other, sort of!  Just like real book groups, right?  He's tickled by the idea.

Hope you are all well and staying safe!  Please wear your masks and social distance from people!!  This isn't over yet!!


  1. Such good news! I cannot believe what a trooper you have been through all this! Looking forward to talking tomorrow. Love, love, love that pink background fabric. Funny, I bought something similar at Cyndi's on Friday only it was a soft yellow rather than pink. Delicious. And yes, I had a ball at Cyndi's hardly noticed that I was masked for 2 full hours! So happy to hear that Nancy Drew was on the top of his list. Too cute! What a great idea.

  2. Oh, Randy, that is wonderful news about your Mom! I have been so out of the loop, and I am sorry, but I have kept her in my prayers (and you). She must be tenacious--good for her!
    That is a very cute striped fabric. Nice "stash dive" find!
    The pink does give another dimension to your quilt. Sometimes you just need to switch things up a bit.
    Those trees do dress up the neighborhood a bit. Good touch.
    Fun things you are sharing with your grandson. He will not forget this.

  3. Such good news about your mother - phew! I love your little quilt. You come up with great ideas. I, too, started the houses. I have 100 rooves and some doors. No sides yet. The tree idea is a great one I might steal from you. Take care.

  4. Happy to hear the encouraging news about your Mom--we daughters do worry so --after all as my DIL told me when my Mom was so ill ""It's your Mom!!" Hope she continues to feel better...
    WOW a whole bolt--I have never done that--but many times I wish that I had for my favorite fabrics--I am sure you will enjoy using it up...;)) It looks like it will go with a lot of things...and i like how it looks instead of muslin a lot!!
    Take care and stay vigilant Hugs from super hot CT Julierose
    P.S.(BUt, I do have power so the AC is ON, baby!!) hahaha

  5. Happy to hear your mother is on the mend. Just to be safe, I'll send more prayers. ♥
    That print for the border is so cheerful. Love it! I've never bought a bolt of any kind of fabric but the block does look so much better than with plain muslin. I also love what you are doing to help your grandson. Parents (and grand-parents) are the first and the best teachers for their children. Awesome Grandma! ;^)

  6. Such good news!! Got to say this has been on my mind, so happy to hear she is doing better. Hoping the recovering continues. Love your blog and hearing your stories about the grandkids.

  7. Love, love, LOVE that you're doing a book club with your grandson (and glad to hear that you Mom seems to be doing better!)

  8. I like the pink fabric for the quilt and in general it is an easy color and print to use. Great that your mother is doing better.

  9. That is really great news about your Mom! I like the pink so much - so versatile and would always be good for a backing if you are looking to use up a lot of it. Your neighborhood looks great. So cute about the book club with your grandson. What a great idea.

  10. I'm so happy to hear your mom is doing so much better. I do like the pink in the background spaces and the trees add a lot of interest to your neighborhood. Glad you've had time to stitch.

  11. Love the book club!!! Reading builds the imagination and he will always remember you devoting so much time to him! :-) And baking too? He's going to be a success in life, for sure! :-)
    I'm also admiring that pink fabric... it's the perfect sub for whites and makes quilts that much prettier!
    All those happy colors and prints is making you neighborhood look mighty full of laughter and chatter! :-)
    Quilt on!

  12. OH MY GOSH i love that point print and your tiny squares! so so sweet!!
    The trees and nice additions to your house quilt. You've been sewing up a storm!!
    love the book club idea. What a great grandma you are....and friend. xo

  13. Beautiful fabric from Missouri Quilts. What a nice thing to do with your grandson. I'm sure it's a highlight in his day!

  14. So sorry to read of your Mom. I do hope she continues on her road to recovery. What a scare!

  15. Glad your mom seems to be doing better. This virus is really scary! Pretty bolt of fabric and I like it in the quilt. The stripe will be perfect on the log cabin quilt. Stay safe and stay well!