Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Does anybody else feel like time is a blur??

 Maybe that's not a great way to start a blog post, but I'm wondering if other people are finding that the days and weeks are a big blur.  I find it difficult to differentiate from one week to the next.  I suppose it could be worse, right?  

I have gotten a bit of sewing done these past 10 days and I'm happy to share these with you.

I finished my 2-1/2" strip project to be donated to the kid's quilt group I belong to. Of course it didn't make a dent in the strip collection! Anybody else find this to be true?

Then I made my mind up to add the next border to the group challenge I'm doing with two very dear friends.  This is a very unstructured challenge.  We all started with our own center.  We agreed that the subsequent 3 borders would be flying geese, half square triangles and four-patches.  I just finished my second border, where I put the half square triangles on point as pinwheels.  I didn't measure the sides before sewing them so you'll notice I added a couple of strips at the ends of two sides and then added half a block at the end of two other sides.  I'm already trying to think how I will sew my flying geese units.  I may also add an appliqué border at the end to tie the center to all the borders.  I'm loving this project.  This is my pandemic quilt since the 3 of us have come together during this period when we might otherwise not have forged this very close bond.

My design wall is covered with some other projects so I had to lay it out on the floor.  That wouldn't have been tough except Max is very attracted and attached to my fabric and projects and always manages to lie down on top of whatever project I place on the carpet.

On a non-quilt related note, we had a most spectacular sunset on Monday here in Sunriver.
I've posted many pictures facing this same view--that's Mt. Bachelor in the background.  

And to share more outdoor photos, I have been kayaking a lot these days with a friend who loves it as much as I do.  Yesterday we went to a fabulous lake surrounded by huge peaks created by volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago;  this peak is mostly made of obsidian rock, which is a beautiful shiny black rock that's very sharp.
That's my kayak before I set off.  Here is the view of Paulina Peak from the water.

Isn't that incredible??!!  
Hope you're having a great week!  We are due to go back to California for a visit next week but we are now rethinking that in light of all the fires and smoke.  This is a tough time for so many.  Stay safe!


  1. Blurring, fog-laden brain at the moment...we keep asking each other .."this is Wednesday, right?" :000
    I love your challenge piece--looking really pretty...nice that the 3 of you are working on the same thing together...
    Hugs from far away julierose

  2. What day is it?! Yes, we're having trouble keeping track of days. How did it get to be August?! There is so much fabric in my quilt room that I kitted 4 'Fall Quilts' for sewing friends. They are lap quilts with 9 patches (2in.), and alternating plain blocks. I did put the 9 patches together so this would be a super easy sew. I made so many blocks there were enough for me to sew 6 quilts together and gifted them to non sewing friends. With the left over scraps, I made a 9 patch with 1 inch blocks....I kept that quilt. There was enough fabric in my quilt room for backing for the total of 7 quilts I sewed!! The sad part is there is hardly a dent in my stash but friends were so happy to get kits and ready made fall quilts. Your quilt is really beautiful....and I love the model laying on it. We have 2 yellow labs and they love being apart of EVERYTHING!! Patty McDonald

  3. Your quilting is a mind saver along with your kayak. Looks like everything will be okay even if one day blurs into each other.

  4. Definitely csn relate to the days blurring. The other day I went most of the day thinking it was Wednesday, but it was Tuesday. Your medallion quilt is looking great and what a cutie, Max.

  5. OMG those sky photos are so incredible~ how gorgeous your area is wow!!! I love mountains and lakes and what a pretty kayaking spot
    Yes my days and weeks are a blurr too for sure. It's hard to keep dates straight.
    Your medallion is wonderful! love your pinwheels and nice save on the sizes. Isn't it frustrating?! It's the one thing that drives me nuts when I do medallions and the math doesn't work. I have a challenge for my next round too :)
    what a sweet pup Max looks like. Is he named from the Grinch??

  6. Even though I am working in my "bubble" in these crazy times, I often find I don't know what day it is. Honestly, I can remember Thursdays because we have our Sonny Bug and Tuesdays because I look forward to our chats. Otherwise I am living in a fog just like the rest of the world. Thank goodness for my quilting time!

  7. Oh, and I hope Max let's you have that gorgeous top back for the next round! Love the kids quilt too. Why is it that when we use scraps and strips it just seems to generate more scraps???

  8. Your challenge quilt is beautiful--love it! The design for the strip quilt is lots of fun and I have agree that we can never seem to deplete our supply of strings, strips or even squares. Last week I spent the whole day thinking it was Sunday when in reality it was Tuesday! That scared me a little--lol! I'm not sure if time is a blur or I am in a fog. Such spectacular outdoor photos--I think you should stay right where you are.

  9. Suffering from blurry week syndrome too. Got my paycheck deposit in my account this morning and I was "What? We're Thursday? Whoohoo!" Nice way to start a day, believe me. :^D
    Your strip project is so beautiful and cheerful. Love it. I can see that you put that new pink fabric to good use. Well done. Love what you are doing with the medallion quilt.
    Hope your California home is safe. Take care. ;^)

  10. Yes. Time is a blur.
    No. The scrap NEVER seem to be depleted.
    WOW!!! What a spectacular sunset!

  11. Thinking of you and hoping you are safe.

  12. What beautiful pictures of your area. And your medallion piece is coming along quite nicely. I love when a border gets quirky and yes, its just like life these days. If it wasn't for my pill container in the morning I wouldn't know what day it was either. Stay safe and keep stitching, that's the best medicine for us!