Saturday, August 29, 2020

When nothing goes right? ...

The good news is that the evacuation order was lifted on Thursday and we almost raced down to California to clean the house and see the kids but there were too many unknowns.  We had to get the power company to come out to turn on the gas--had to rely on neighbors to meet them.

The house is intact, the fire is getting under control and we are still in Central Oregon, enjoying the last vestiges of summer.   We will go back in a couple of weeks.

The donation quilt is finished and I found the cutest border fabric!  Can't beat string quilts, although they surely don't use up very many strings!!

I even picked it up on the sale rack!!  And I found the most adorable selvage ever.  What makes a selvage adorable?? Check this out!
If you're curious where that came from, it's from Indigo Gatherings from Primitive Gatherings.  Well, of course once I found that, I had to go back to the quilt store and buy more yardage!! ;-))

Saturday is farmer's market in Bend and my daughter and I have been going every week this summer.  We found the most amazing flower vendor and buy a bouquet every week.  Today I also found gorgeous smelling basil and whipped up a couple of batches of pesto.  One was my recipe; the other was following Barb's (funwithbarb) recipe.

Recognize my placemats?? :-)

I also had some leftover cherry tomatoes that were not looking too great, so I baked them low and slow!  We are cooking fish in them tonight.

Aside from eating, I have been sewing a bit.  I'm trying to finish the challenge that me,  Wendy Reed (contantquilter) and Barb Vedder (funwithbarb) have been working on for months.  I'm on the last border, although I may add an appliqué border too.

These are some small flying geese!  So I'll be sewing them for a while!

Many of you have been asking about my mom, who got Covid about a month ago.  She continues to recover and the facility told me she's been Chatty Cathy these days!  She's eating, drinking and getting up.  Pretty amazing!  92 yrs old and recovering from Covid 19!!

Hope everyone has a super weekend.


  1. That is great news about your Mom's recovery;))
    Those slow baked tomatoes look just awesome!!
    Your challenge piece is coming along--just awesome work on this--quite a challenge...
    hugs, and stay safe julierose

  2. What a delicious post. I can almost smell the freshness of the pesto and tomatoes. I'm making some pesto today too :)
    Your medallion looks so great! The Flying geese are going to be a wonderful border. how big are they?
    I'm so glad to hear your CA home is okay.

  3. Oh and nice charity string quilt. love that dog fabric and the selvage is a hoot!

  4. Your medallion is quilt is very pleasing to the eye, love the fabric choices. And, the pesto looks amazing.

  5. So happy to hear your Mom is getting better. What a wonderful news that is. Also happy that your house is okay in CA. Love your string quilt. That border is so cute! The challenge medallion quilt is gorgeous! ;^)

  6. Great to hear that your mother is doing so well! I'm going to have to hunt down some of that PG fabric--too cute! The medallion top is gorgeous and an applique border would be an awesome addition.

  7. Love that dog print border. And your medallion style challenge is excellent!

  8. Wonderful news about your mother. Squeeze out these last days of summer and enjoy. Everything will be waiting when you get back. Let me know if you need me to do anything.

  9. That's so great to hear about your Mom... and your house coming through OK. So much turmoil right now. The doggie fabric really is the cutest, and the selvage - perfect:). I have to start paying more attention to selvages. Your medallion challenge looks great and you are working with two of the most talented, nicest ladies in quilting!

  10. Great news about your mom and your house! The medallion quilt is fantastic and those little flying geese are perfect. Your house should be smelling delicious with the pesto and tomatoes. The perfect summer combo.

  11. A lovely cheery blog and great news about your Mum.