Sunday, August 2, 2020

Reality check

I haven't gotten much sewing done but have almost finished my July mini..thanks to Wendy Reed (constantquilter) who keeps me honest!  I decided rather than make more placemats, since all the kids are gone, I'd put the log cabin blocks together for a kid quilt for my small quilt group.  It's almost sewn together and I'll send it to the group for someone there to quilt it.  Blocks are 6" finished, by the way!

Anyway, the real reason I'm posting is to give everyone a reality check on the Covid 19 situation.  It's pretty easy to pretend it doesn't exist in our insular world, but I've learned it really is a big problem.

I may not have told you that my mom, in her memory care facility in Bend, tested positive about two weeks ago after an employee brought the virus into the facility.  Mind you, they've been meticulous in keeping everyone out.  I have not seen my mom in person since early March when they closed the place up tight!

Well my mom got sick with Covid 19 about a week ago.  She was in the hospital for two days and is now back at the facility being cared for by hospice.  I am not sure if hospice is there to offer extra help or to make her comfortable while she passes away.  I keep getting different answers.  She was given experimental drugs, and maybe they will work.  But a 92 yr old probably doesn't have a great chance of ultimately surviving this nasty virus.

So I'm reminding everyone to wear your masks, wash your hands, stay out of crowded places, take care of yourselves.

Much love to you all
ps:  I had a birthday in all this earlier this week but didn't really feel like celebrating.  70 yrs old is not an age I ever envisioned myself!  Happy to be healthy and enjoying every day of my life! ;-)


  1. I'm so sorry about your Mom, Randy. Love to you, too. Dot

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  2. Sorry to hear about your mom. I turn 70 in September. Doesn't seem possible. Your are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. OH Randy. I am so very sorry, dear Randy, for your mom...praying for healing, in whatever form it comes in. Big hugs...and happy birthday, too.

  4. I am so sorry you can’t be with your mother now. What a very difficult and sad situation. I hope you will somehow find some peace of mind. At some point, I guess we stop celebrating the birthdays as a young person, and become just thankful to be here and be healthy. Take care.

  5. Randy, I'm also sorry to hear about your mother. Hearing about your mom does give us all a reality check. Happy birthday as well.

  6. Regardless of age it is sad to hear the circumstances of what is happening with your mother. Sorry to hear about about this misfortune. ((Hugs)). And Happy Birthday

  7. Happy birthday. I thought you were around 50 or so. Sorry about your Mom.

  8. So very sorry to hear about your mom. Hoping you can be allowed to visit With all your proper PPE on

  9. Covid is a terrible virus, Randy. No doubt about it! Sorry to hear that your Mom is a victim of its wrath. So much for a happy birthday this year, huh? :o((

  10. I'm so sorry to hear your mom has contracted this terrible virus. I'm sure the staff will take good care of her and make her as comfortable as possible. Happy belated birthday! I will be 70 next year, and still can't believe it's going to happen to me (well, if I'm lucky!).
    Hugs to you and your mom!

  11. So sorry to hear about your mom. How frightening, and heartbreaking that you can’t even see her. I hope for the best, whatever that might be.
    I love your log cabin quilt!

  12. First of all, Happy Birthday. I'm sorry to hear about your mother. My family went through this last year. Changing the nurse to hospice nursing seemed odd to us since our mother also was already in a nursing care facility. But the hospice nurse was able to give more direct attention to mom and the family. Unfortunately, with the current circumstances, your family isn't able to be there. Just remember that decision is out of your hands and nothing to feel guilty about.
    Wishing the best for you and your family.

  13. So sorry to hear about your Mom, it has to be so hard for you. She is in my prayers. I love the little kids quilt, that setting is perfect and it is so full of color. Happy Birthday, too. I turned 70 just over a week ago, how did that happen? Other birthdays have just been numbers but 70 is harder. I don't feel old at all.

  14. Sending prayers for your Mom and for you. It's sad that you can't be with her. I feel for you. ♥ ♥ ♥
    Happy belated birthday. Don't believe the number on your driver's licence, just go with the one your heart says. ;^)

  15. Such a good reminder. I am tired of hearing the phrase "I'm over this" cause it isn't over us.
    What a great layout of your log cabin blocks.
    Happy Belated - sorry I blew it - I felt the same this year about my Birthday. We'll celebrate big next time we get together! xoxo

  16. love your log cabin lay out, such a cute kids quilt! So sorry to hear bout your mom. Happy birthday, even if it’s late.

  17. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. Hospice is wonderful but it's so unfortunate that you can't be with your Mom. COVID is causing so many painful separations.

  18. I love your layout of your log cabin blocks. What a great idea to donate it.
    Thinking of you and your mom. My mother also has Alzheimers and at her nursing home, almost half of the guests passed away. She also contracted the virus and at 88 years old survived it. I also have not seen her in a very long time. So I empathize with you and send thoughts and prayers.