Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And the winner is...

You win!! (hey, your name is perfect).
Please email me your snail mail address so I can mail out the book.

Thanks to everyone who offered their opinions and advice on which (if any) device to get. I wound up getting the Kindle Touch 3G with ads.  I actually got it on sale (well, with a $40 gift card..that's on sale to me!) while in Oregon.  I decided against the Kindle Fire because I really only wanted something to read books on.

I have also found that my local library has lots of ebooks I can check out and am now enjoying something for my upcoming bookgroup rather than having to shlep around a 5 lb book everywhere I go. And you can switch to "text to speech" and listen to a book while sewing. How much better does it get than that? Well, actually...

So I'm a real convert... Lovin' my Kindle Touch already. Now if I could just figure out how to use the darn thing.

Don't ya just hate having to learn how to use something new? Maybe I'm jut getting old.

Hope everyone is having a good week..
Love to you all,



  1. I have to admit that I am still a hard copy reader. I love having a book in my hands, though I do prefer a paperback when I am going to be carting it around. Some of my favorite books are on my shelf in hardback and paperback, so I have it in whatever form I want at the time. : )
    Glad you got something that fits your needs--and you can teach an old dog new tricks, but if you are old than I am, too. Not going there.

  2. Hope you enjoy your new Kindle. I have a couple of friends who have the new Kindle Fire and they only use it for reading. I think that you made a good choice. And like you mentioned, it's a lot easier to cart around than a paper book. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I was gifted with the Kindle DX when I retired. Was quite surprised receiving it and LOVE it. I agree with you ... they seem to think you should be intuitive about using it ... I need a BOOK with operating instructions the first few times around the block ... LOL Enjoy yours ... I still like the feel of paper between my fingers but eReaders make traveling with books much easier.

  4. Congratulations to the winner! Once you figure out how to use your new device, I bet you will love it--especially being able to use your library with it. I can't tell you enough how much I'm enjoying our digital library. Can you buy a dock of sorts with speakers so you can listen to books better? I have one for my iPod and I can adjust the volume better with this while sewing--also don't like ear buds while sewing!

  5. I have not given in to the handhelds yet, my phone works as an MP3 player so I have no need. I love listening to a book while I quilt, exercise, or do most anything. To make life easier I joined years ago. The selection and prices are great! Audible is now an Amazon company so I'm sure their products are compatible with your new Kindle. Enjoy!

  6. Wow! Thanks Randy. I will email my address to you in a bit. I am so glad you got your Kindle Touch. You will figure it all out. Heck, I am still learning new things about mine and I have had it for about 6 months. Enjoy reading.

  7. You will love your Kindle! It's really pretty easy to learn to use...if I could figure it out, anyone should be able to! I have the older one with the keyboard, WiFi and 3G. Used it to find a hotel room when on vacation...came in handy. I even found either a free or really cheap (couple of bucks) users guide on Amazon that walked me through how to use it but really the users guide that comes with it is all you need. I love the dicitonary feature. If you come to a word you aren't sure of the meaning, scroll to it and when the cursor is in front of the word hit the enter button and the meaning comes right up on your screen. It's great. The readers also have a much longer battery life than the Fire. Mine lasts about 30 days if I don't use the WiFi and I read every day. I know you'll just love it. So much easier than lugging around several books.