Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Block of the month isn't my cup of tea, BUT...

I'm not usually a block-of-the-month type of girl.  I have tons of fabric and I love the freedom to pick my own fabrics.  That being said, however, I saw the most beautiful quilt in my favorite not-so-LQS some months ago (Life's A Stitch, Janesville, WI) that I relented and joined up.

I'd have to say these fabrics are absolutely gorgeous.  They are by Bonnie Blue Quilts (Paula Barnes) and are the richest reds I've ever seen.

I made the first three blocks from this Cotton Club block of the month. I'm not sure you can see the colors in this pictures but seriously, if you can find this fabric, have a look at it. GORGEOUS!!!

Y'all know what tomorrow is, right?? :-)

Love to you all,


  1. I am with you--I don't usually "join" things. So how did I end up doing Orca Bay, Pink Lemonade, and now somebody's Sow-Along?!? But at least I choose my fabrics and can deviate when desired. : )
    These are gorgeous fabrics. I find more and more of the Bonnie Blue stuff coming home with me. How large will the finished quilt be? Do you have a photo of the ultimate finished product? Love to see it.
    I'm all ready for tomorrow. Feels so good!

  2. Beautiful fabrics!!

    Greetings from holland,..

  3. I love the Cotton Club quilt - and I'm with you...those reds are among my very favorites. I buy more every time I see them in a shop!

  4. Oh dear....I use to say that about myself but here I am doing a bunch of BOM's! Well I am picking my own that how I justify this behavior?
    Oh who cares it is all fun ;0).
    More blocks today from JT2 and more blocks from you tomorrow, starting a new quilt in a workshop with Bonnie Hunter on Thursday........oh boy aren't I having fun!

    All those fabrics look beautiful! I hope you are enjoying the process :0).

    Happy Sewing Nana

  5. What the hey, your LQS is in WISCONSIN?? I'm laughing because I've probably been there, but I live here! Love the reds. I might have to find that fabric, or that BOM!

  6. I wish you had a better photo:) Is this a sampler quilt?

  7. I saw some of these reds locally and agree, just beautiful!

  8. Could you please tell us the name of the BOM and where to obtain the pattern?

    1. i believe it's called Cotton Club by Paula Barnes (Bonnie Blue Quilts) . I signed up through my favorite not so LQS Life's A Stitch in Janesville, Wisconsin. Try there. It just started this month, although there must be other stores running it. It's a sampler in reds/browns...just gorgeous. Good luck.

  9. i some of her fabrics from the same line recently and they are rich reds...