Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hawaiian applique

I recently showed you a couple of Hawaiian applique wallhangings I purchased.  I've always loved those blocks but thought them too labor intensive to be my type of project.

However, when we were cruising through Kansas checking out the little quilt shops in very small towns, we happened upon a shop which was selling pre-cut Hawaiian applique blocks. Now that's more my style.  We agonized over which one to get and for a whopping $11, I picked up a gorgeous red/purple block ready for my not-so-great handiwork. I do wish I'd bought more!

I started right away while Pat was navigating through Kansas and Missouri and then brought it along while driving up to Oregon for the weekend. I actually finished it!!

Now on to another hand sewing project: my wool flowers for the Lori Smith quilt.

what are you working this weekend?
Are you ready for the next Bonus Block? It's ready and will be posted tomorrow!

Love to you all,


  1. Just beautiful, Randy! Only $11? Wow! Of course, I would want mine already appliqued and ready to quilt, since I don't do the "A" word.
    Tomorrow, huh? That is good news. I still have two of the seven I was behind yet to sew together. Life happened. : )

  2. I love to do hawaiian applique; I tought it was going to be our bonus block!

    Only $11 for the fabric and background, it's a great deal; you might try to find out if you could buy some other sets online from that shop.

    Thanks for the sow along,

  3. I just finished the last of the three blocks you posted and actually made a bonus basket block as I had some HSTs that were generated doing the Road to Fortune block when I made a mistake! Love that applique block but am glad you were doing it and not me!

  4. Whew! I thought you were going to have us do that block in a 6 inch size!
    You got a lot of applique done in a short amount of must be much faster than I am! Lovely block :0).

    Let's see I made a little doll yesterday and a house block that I will not make anymore of so it will probably become a one block doll quilt. It wasn't as fun for me as I thought it would be. Now I am trying to catch up on my applique
    Just takes 2 blocks.........I'm way behind.
    I did catch up on all my sow along blocks though:0) you can see them on my blog and have a look at my adorable granddaughter in her new costume from grandma :0)

    Happy sewing

  5. The applique is beautiful. You got that done fast! Have a great rest of the week end.

  6. This week-end I am working on FINDING my diamond paper pieces.... put them some where "safe" and now with dozens of fabric diamonds cut and waiting..... uggggh

  7. I'll be waiting for the bonus block. I started a little over a week ago and have caught up! The blocks are really fun to do and very hard to stop making them once you start! Your cutting instructions are great. I have found the Elanore Burns triangle square up ruler to be very helpful when you want to make 8 identical HST's. Now that I am caught up, I have to "clean-up" and then I can get back to quilting another project! Amy in WI

  8. I agree -- gorgeous and done so quickly! I'm working on blocks for the sow along... and remaking a few that didn't turn out the right size. I also have a wall hanging on which I will try to make some progress!

  9. Just woke up from a nap after our jaunt -- and came to see what you've been up to! THIS is LOVELY!! I've never even thought of trying my hand at hawaiian applique ---love the colors!


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