Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Do you do the "A" word?

I wouldn't call myself an appliquer but I do enjoy a project now and then.  The latest Just Takes Forever red/white project has an applique block which I initially figured was too complicated.  I looked at it carefully and decided it wasn't that complex and actually worked on it during this past week, on a short vacation with my husband.  I really like how it came out.

If you are curious about where we escaped to, let me give you a couple of hints:

Still stumped?

I bought these two applique pieces from a woman who does them as a fundraiser. I love them but don't imagine doing them myself... Anyway, where are we?

We're in Kauai (Hawaii) which is absolutely as beautiful as it looks! Back Thursday!

Love to you all,


  1. Your hints were a dead give-away! Hope you had a lovely time. I am loving the block you appliqued.

  2. Love your r&w block, and those Hawaiian blocks are beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  3. It's beautiful here, but there's no beach in sight!! lol

  4. So gorgeous--the applique pieces (including yours) and the beach!!
    No, I don't do they "A" word. Sometimes I wish I did--but only sometimes. : )

  5. I was in Hawaii with my DH about 10 years ago... there IS a quilt shop on nearly every island you know. Got some fabulous stuff there. Bought two pillow covers since the true Hawaiian style quilts were kind of expensive. I did actually make one 18" Hawaiian style quilt square, which my aunt recently made into a medalion quilt!

    Enjoy the trip and travel back safely.

  6. oh yeah, i'm into A in a very big way, as in a bed size hawaiian quilt...thanks for showing some of the local handwork...hope mine looks half that good when done

  7. blokkene er nydelige! Nyt ferie!!! Takk for alle fine blokker.Jeg har snart nok til mitt blå og brune teppe.

  8. Your 'A' block looks great! I always have ideas of doing hand applique but then having way too many projects going on I usually fuse and hand stitch the raw edges. One day I am going to do a hand applique project without fusible. LOL
    Hawaii. sigh. I lived there for two years. Wish I could visit.

  9. I did the "A" with a small wallhanging about 10 years again and hated it. It turned out great but too slow for my tastes. Enjoy your holiday!

  10. lucky you!!!! I like to "A" !!! but I find I don't do enough of it, a piecing project is usually calling my name louder!

  11. hi Randy, what a lovely destination! enjoy the sun and the ocean -
    greetings from tropic Germany

  12. Tomorrow I'm taking a class in "A" at one of my new favorite LQS

  13. The "A" word is a like a dirty word to me! I have done some though, I'm a bad girl, lol!