Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blind spot?

I don't know about you but sometimes when I'm driving I find myself higher up, which I generally like. That, however, can spell disaster if you're backing up and don't happen to see low-lying obstructions. Like a fire hydrant, for instance!

No, I didn't knock this one over. But that's not to say that I never have. In fact, some years ago, on my way to pick up the baseball team for a game, I stopped at Safeway for Gatorades for the boys (that'll teach ya).  I backed up and knocked over a hydrant. Honestly, that thing was almost invisible!  I of course called the police as it was creating quite a hazard in the street, much like this did today near my house.  My insurance company wound up paying, not only for the repair of the hydrant, but for the WATER. Remember, this is California and water is precious and very expensive.

Anyway, when I saw this today after getting my pedicure (I had an air-tight alibi!), I found this and had to snap a photo. 
SEE, I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!! My kids still think I may have done this one, too,  actually.

Love to you all,


  1. I'm glad we don't have free standing hydrants here .. they are mostly "under" the road or build into house walls so no way to knock them over ..

  2. Looks like "Old Faithful".
    I prefer to just dent other people's bumpers when I back up. I don't like to attract too much attention. : )

  3. We don't have hydrants here in South Australia but our water pipes under the roads have a habit of bursting quite frequently quite spectacular..but I do think those red hydrants are cute :)

  4. I've been lucky enough not to do this.....but
    I have a little sedan and these are pretty close to eye level for me.

    Good insurance! One less thing to worry about right?

    Happy sewing and safe travels

  5. You reminded me of my one backing up oops. Coming home from grocery shopping one day I was backing into our driveway when I did not see our mailbox and backed right into it. I heard the sound and said what was that? Of course that mailbox was there for the 5 years we had been living in the house. I finally got the car in the garage and thought I'll just plead ignorance. A few days later hubby and I were visiting our very nice elderly neighbors when the man says, that's terrible what the neighborhood teenagers did to your mailbox. He went on and on about how they were mean, poorly parented, etc. I could not stand it and had to own up! It was embarrassing! Then there was the time with that tree...

  6. Hey randy, I remember when this happened to a hydrant in my neighborhood when I was a kid. We thought it was great fun! hope you are having fun in Hawaii!, cheers, cw

  7. Well, it really does look quite awesome doesn't it? I backed over my DD trike when she was about 3. Lucky for me, she was in the car with me.