Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Aren't these fabulous?

I just got this picture of 45 blocks made by Sue. They are fantastic! Love them.

 Keep sending me pictures. I'm really enjoying the chance to see what people have done with my blocks.

Love to you all,
Ps: I didn't realize that some of her blocks were not part of our sow-a- long! So don't fret if you don't recognize some blocks. Please only send me pictures of blocks that were part of our project to avoid confusion. Thanks


  1. Wow, they look great on your blog! I love the B&W, I have to say I recognize some of that fabric! I'm so inspired by everyone else's color choices. Thanks, Randy, for keeping us inspired.

  2. See a few blocks I do not recognize from "Barrister's Sew a Long" Did Sue make others? Blocks look great! Fun to see other's work!

  3. They are nice--and I do think she has made some other blocks. I was confused until I read the other comment. We never did a tree, did we? : )

  4. Nice and scrappy!
    Yes, I've made some blocks that were not part of the sew along too.

    Happy Sewing

  5. Yes, I love them!! Yummy greens!!

  6. The drama of monochromatic blocks always surprises--and delights me. This is a wonderful group of blocks. They show great leadership, don't you think? :)

  7. Really a nice job ... thanks for sharing. I agree it is interesting to see other color combinations and how people set them. I don't care if there are blocks outside of the project ~ that's what creative license is all about anyway!

  8. Yes, I made some other blocks from the Civil War era and from the book we're not dicussing!! I'm pleased to know you like them.