Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Germany, Part II

I went with my husband for a trip to Frankfurt. We rented a car and drove about 100 miles towards the Rhine Valley, where there are beautiful castles in all the small towns dotting the river, as well as fabulous vineyards.  I've been unable to post pictures until now.  I think you'll enjoy them, even though not quilt related!

This is a pretty typical town, small and charming.  Note the castle at the top as well as the beautiful fall colors, especially in the vineyards, which are almost vertical!

This was where we stayed our last night. It's actually the Mosel River.   Note again all the vineyards.  Aren't you impressed with my photograph? Got a swan in the front!!

This is the castle I tried to blog about from my phone. This is a castle located in the middle of a forest. I'm not sure you can see all the beautiful fall colors.  It's a most amazing place, almost like a fairy tale!  We actually had a guided tour in English! It's also in fabulous condition, the best we saw. It's called Burg Eltz.

This was a restaurant in Bacharach where we ate. I think the building dates from the 1300s. There is a number in the upper left corner with the year! This is pretty typical architecture.  Buildings there also frequently had vines growing over parts of the buildings, which were changing colors! Places like these also had outside gardens for dining although it was too late in the season for that when we were there.

This was a vineyard we visited. Aren't the colors just gorgeous?  Note how steep this land is. Imagine having to climb these hills to pick grapes or trim the vines? No thanks!!

Last, but not least, is my darling husband.  Here is a picture of him along the Rhine River.

It was a wonderful trip which we thoroughly enjoyed.  It's also good to be back home, though.

Love to you all,


  1. Oh, this looks wonderful, Randy. Such a nice getaway!

  2. It's a wonderfull trip! is very very prety

  3. Wow that was a beautiful picture with the vineyards so vertical! they must be in great shape to go up and down the side of those hills. Incredible beauty!

  4. Wonderful pictures, looks like you two had a terrrific time. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  5. I just love that German architecture what a beautiful part of the world. I have great memories of traveling there. I do love traveling in the fall when the tourists are fewer and the weather cooler. Looks like a great time for you and DH :0).

    Happy Sewing

  6. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing.


  7. What a lovely trip this was! My bucket list includes a Rhine cruise, but a friend told be about a wonderful stay in the Black Forest that I want to visit, too. Your photos are so professional! Your DH looks like someone I'd like to meet. Lucky you!

  8. Your photos are wonderful, reminding me of similar places I've been to or seen when visiting our son and his family. It looks like you and your DH had a wonderful trip, and I'm sure your photos will bring smiles to your faces as they bring back the memories.