Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Better pictures

I'll have to figure out how I can post better pictures from my phone.  The Burg Eltz photo I posted the other day was much too small. I'm going to share more photos here from our trip last week to Germany.  It was through the Rhine River Valley and the Mosel River Valley, both not far from Frankfurt.

This is a pictures of the hotel where we stayed the first couple of nights in a town called Bacharach, right on the Rhine River.  Our bathroom windows were one flight up from those you see with the white frame on the curved portion of the front of the building. They are clear glass dating back thousands of years! Everything was built of slate!

The Rhine and Mosel River Valleys are beautiful, dotted with small towns along their banks.  The area is largely a wine-producing region and the hills are lined with vineyards hugging the slate mountains. The hills are so steep you'd wonder how anyone can stand alongside to pull the grapes or prune the vineyards.  Because we were there in late October, the fall colors were in full view!

I'm having trouble getting pictures downloaded so I'm going to start with this. More to follow...

Love to you all,
ps: Sow-a-Long blocks will be posted tomorrow...THREE. Be READY


  1. Ooo, I've been there, and those slopes are insane. I couldn't believe it, took numerous pictures from the boat of the steep vineyards. We were in early spring so no colour to see, must have been gorgeous.

  2. This photo is much better! Beautiful!