Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving was ...

Not as we expected.

We had all the kids and both grandkids up in Sunriver. GREAT.
We had a great dinner planned.  GREAT
Everyone finally got there (not without major flight issues). GREAT.

EVERYONE got the stomach flu!! (Well, Emma didn't, thanks to the wonderful attributes of breast milk; Ben skated by, atleast until last night).

Family picture?  NOT possible.

This is what I created to memorialize our trip... hope you have a sense of humor!!!

Hope everyone else had a great holiday, in whatever manner you chose to embrace it.  Thanks to everyone who shared warm and very personal thoughts about Thanksgiving. Anybody have any good stories to share? I'd love to hear them... 

What did we learn?  It isn't always going to be what you expect.  It doesn't have to be.  Even everyone getting sick creates a different kind of memory of being together. Don't you agree??

We're on the mend; not life-threatening!
Hope you have a great week.

Love to you all,


  1. So sorry the stomach bug got you all! Not fun!

    We had a grand time with our special and only granddaughter and as we as leaving she said " I want to come home with you" :0) music to my ears. I told her when she gets to be a big girl she can come and visit us at the beach.
    Even though my daughter couldn't join us this year we had a good time. Luckily we missed the pile up on Rt. 80 in Western PA on the way home by minutes.

    So mostly a wonderful holiday with plenty of Thanks to go around.

    Happy Sewing and I hope you are 100% soon

  2. Oh, noooo! Life has a way of handing you lemons sometimes, doesn't it? Glad to hear that you are all on the mend (mend, sew, got it? Hahahha). Love your photo -- you have a good attitude! :-D

  3. Sounds like a christmas of ours a few years ago......makin memories right!?!

  4. I am sorry. But I can guarantee it was a holiday that you'll all remember and laugh about one day. Feel better. Lane

  5. Memories are memories. We certainly prefer the good ones, but life messed with you and yours this Thanksgiving. Hopefully everyone is on the mend and getting strength back.
    We had a similar experience, on a smaller scale, a couple years ago, and no family photos from that one either.
    Love your sense of humor with your photo.

  6. This Thanksgiving will not blend into the myriad memories of "normal" years. This one will stand out and often be discussed. "Remember the year we all got the flu?" It will make for some very animated conversations in future years.
    Love the representational photo. : )

  7. We have a barftabulous diarrhea going around our church. I just praise the Lord my husband and I have not had it!

  8. If you do a Christmas letter or a family Christmas photo, maybe you can somehow incorporate the cleaning supplies.......well, that would totally happen in our family because we are just THAT silly. Hope everyone is on the mend. Yesterday's disaster is tomorrow's treasured memory. Or some such.

  9. Oh dear, same problems here, wash my hands every five minutes, i hate it, it's devastating, see you soon

  10. OH I am so sorry. Hope there were moments of happiness and you know this will be the Thanksgiving you talk about in years to come! hope your feeling better

  11. we also had a thanksgiving just like that one year....a very un-thanksgiving indeed; thankfully (no pun) can recoup those traditional efforts another time. yep, it was dismal but "this too shall pass"

  12. So sorry that you all got sick. Hopefully everyone is well again.