Monday, November 12, 2012

Bad hair day?

My hair is very curly and oftentimes frizzy. Drives me nuts.
But I recently saw someone at the airport with hair that made mine look thin, straight and stringy.  I know it's not nice to make fun of others but this woman was beyond interesting. I wish I could've gotten a frontal picture because her makeup was almost geisha-like... As it was, it was hard to take the picture without being obvious, although everyone was taking pictures. I would not have enjoyed sitting next to her on the plane, probably.

Oh, and here's a recent picture of Ryan cuddling with Emma in her crib!!  Is this cute or what?

Love to you all,


  1. Wow, was the wind blowing her hair or was it styled like that?

  2. Now listen...I don't know how you got my picture...but I like my hair and face...I take great pride in having the biggest hair in Texas!! Hee!!(or not...)

  3. Think it could be a wig? How could she see?

    Look at Emma looking at big brother with such adorable.
    Oh she is gonna love him forever.

    Happy Sewing

  4. I often read my blogs at work...I had just looked at the picture of the lady's hair on your blog as the phone rang for me to interpret the I said hello I read your line about not sitting next to her on the plane and burst into laughter....had to try to keep the grin off my face for the call! Thanks for a much needed laugh. To each her own though it did make me chuckle imagining trying to sit next to that hair!

  5. What in the world was she thinking?...Halloween is OVER! LOL

  6. Adorable, I think Emma is wondering where her binky is...? I also think she and Bentley would make a great pair, just saying.

  7. Whoa, that is some "do"!
    Emma and Ryan make a very sweet pair. : )

  8. omg how cute is that picture of the two of them in the crib

    ok thanks for the laugh this am
    it has to be a wig!

  9. I love the way that Emma is looking at Ryan ... her big brother! I think the woman with the hair is sad ... perhaps she has no one to tell her that she needs a new style or they don't care. So many lonely people ....

  10. What an adorable picture!(Emma and Ryan, not the crazy hair lady).

    BTW I am sure that lady was posted on the People of Walmart site. Couldn't be two of them with that hair. LOL