Tuesday, May 14, 2013

First pieced border

Are you all ready?  My first contribution to our joint project is the first pieced border.  It's really quite simple.

It consists of 20 pinwheel blocks, which are made from 4 hsts. Each hst will measure 2" unf, 1-1/2" fin.  When you sew 4 of them together (be careful that they all go in the same direction!), your pinwheel unit will measure 3-1/2" unf, 3" fin.

I make my hsts by using the easy angle ruler.  When I need blocks to be 1-1/2" fin, I cut the strips (two fabrics, light and dark, right sides together) 2" wide. I don't need a lot of the fabric because all my pinwheels are different. So I only needed 4 hsts for each pinwheel block I made.

You will sew two sets of  4 pinwheel blocks together and sew each of these units to the top and bottom of your center.  Then you'll make two sets of 6 pinwheel blocks and sew these to the sides.

Please send me your pictures of your progress and I'll post them.

The next pieced border instructions will be posted in two weeks, or May 28th. So stay tuned.

Love to you all,

ps: Did Lori mention that we are going to Portland for Quilt Market this week?? Now THAT'S going to be FUN!! We'll both be posting pictures, I'm sure!! Imagine all the trouble we are going to get into?  And my friend Claire is coming along, too!! Gonna be great fun!!


  1. I will quilt market this time. :( The move and all that. Have fun for me. Love the border. Hopefully I can get at my stash soon and get some fabric so I can start on my piece.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Have a fun time..and take lots of pictures.

  3. OK ... I must be full of dying brain cells on this ... WHERE is the template for the center block located at? I went to Lori's website and didn't see anything there; nor could I find anything here on Randy's blog. Do we just "wing" it and make our own or is there a link or book that I should be looking for. I really, really want to make this and catch up but am LOST!! ANY help is greatly appreciated!! Linda