Monday, May 6, 2013

Entry ways as quilt patterns?

When I was in London last month, I noticed the doorsteps of a particular street had the most beautiful quilt patterns. I couldn't resist stopping on our way to breakfast the last day to snap pictures of the doorsteps of these wonderful buildings.  I think they are very inspiring.

Love to you all,


  1. Inspiration is everywhere, isn't it? Very cool tile patterns. : )

  2. its amazing how much we can look around and see quilt designs...
    hmmmm maybe I need to make a nother snow ball quilt love that in the steps...

    thanks for sharing.

  3. We quilters look at our world differently, don't we? Seeing inspiration in doors and walls, beneath our feet, and in architecture--great fun for us when we travel away from home. (I have a few pictures like this too.)

  4. Inspiring and so much more fun than plan old cement!
    Might have to paint some quilt designs on my new back steps....just for fun!

    Happy Sewing, Happy Spring!

  5. Great inspiration. I took lots of pics of tile work in Kansas City last year. I need to go find them.

  6. I love taking pics of floors that inspire quilt patterns in my head ... thanks for sharing these. BTW ... I love, love, love London ;-)