Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More quilts from Portland

There were so many inspiring quilts that we saw in Portland!


  1. What company is the 3rd image from? Love those 2 quilts. And so glad to finally see something from Portland that is NOT modern!

  2. WE can tell hat your loves are, the ideas from the civil war era and other repro ideas. Am I correct?

    Todays quilts are very indeed modern with aquas, pink, reds, etc. and although I like to see the them, to me are not cuddly, warm fuzzy, but they certainly are bright and colorful and do cheer one up.

    I do not mean to hurt anyone's feelings--- I just have to get used to the new!!!

    Thanks for sharing and now get back to those adorable Grands, oops it is not Thurs or Fri.

    1. I am glad the modern movement is opening the door to new quilters and expanding the marketplace--I still love the repros and was happy to know such fabrics were featured at Spring Market. ALL the other photos I have seen from Portland featured the Modern lines and I was worried for the future of what I love.

      There is plenty of room in the quilt world for everyone--let's quilt!

  3. I love seeing the show through your eyes. We would choose the same quilts! : )

  4. Great quilts! So many beautiful ones at the show.