Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Exhaustion

I am one lucky nana. I feel very blessed to be able to spend so much time with our two darling grandkids (Emma and Ryan).  Originally I was going to have Nana Day on Fridays.  Then it kind of morphed into me bringing the darlings to our house to sleep over until Saturday or maybe even Sunday.  Then it became easier for me to pick up the kids on Thursday afternoon and we were getting to have them stay with us until Saturday or Sunday. Ryan loves coming to our house because it's like being in the country compared to their house in SF.

Did I ever tell you that Ryan has been sleeping in my closet since he was first born?  We have a pack 'n play for him which fits perfectly in my closet.  But mind you: he's 3-1/2 now and has just moved into his own bed in SF (which he calls his "Boy Big Bed").  He still fits in the pack 'n play but I know that he's really getting too big for it.

Emma has been sleeping in a pack 'n play in my sewing room.  So the dilemma was where to put Ryan and a bed for him. And a crib for Emma.

We decided to buy a set of bunk beds for the kids and put them in my sewing room.  I was going to be relocated into our bonus room, which is like a bowling alley that's 3 cars wide (over our garage!). Think enormous sewing room!

The past few weeks I've been getting ready for the big move. Changed the lighting to wonderful fluorescent fixtures.  Got the bonus room repainted last week and started to move some of my sewing stuff into my new sewing room.  MAN OH MAN... Have I accumulated a LOT of stuff. Fabric!! Books!! Junk!! 

I'm happy to say that after the kids left this afternoon, we started the move in earnest.  My new sewing room is taking shape.  I'm excited about it.  It's a disaster but it's really HUGE.  I had bought a very large table last year at Pottery Barn at Christmas time, which they were using to wrap gifts so it was scuffed and marked up so it was a bargain.  It's now in the middle of my new sewing room and it's fabulous! A little tall for me but a perfect cutting table with cubbies on each side.

I'm excited.  We are going to paint the new kids' room this week and have the bunk beds delivered after that.  Ryan will still be in my closet for another week but after that, he'll be in his own room.

So the bottom line is HOW LUCKY AM I!!  I get to have my grandkids often enough to need a room for them to sleep.  We are delighted!!! It's just the best and I know I'm so lucky.  I'm completely aware that it is really going to be temporary because I know Ryan will be getting busy once he starts sports and school so we're taking advantage of the time we have with them that we have.

I'll post pictures of the new sewing room in a few days.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We owe much to our soldiers who have given their lives for our freedoms.

Love to you all,
A Tired but Happy Nana


  1. I am excited for you, Randy! Can't wait to see the new sewing room--and the new bedroom! : )

  2. I'm looking forward to seing your new huge sewing room too! When you say "we" do you mean Mark helped you? I'm not sure I'd ever want Cory to see just how much stuff I have packed into my sewing room! lol

  3. It just makes me laugh that Ryan sleeps in your closet - love it! Wonderful that you are able to spend so much time with the kids. And really wonderful that you are going to have a nice, huge sewing room! Can't wait to see pictures!

  4. A new sewing room, and bigger as well. Woohoo
    You are lucky to have those sweet babies enough to need a room for them. I think they will always look forward to going to Nana's. I did even when I was in high school.

  5. Can there be such a thing as "table envy"? One of the tables from Pottery Barn is now your very OWN cutting table?? Couple that with your grandkids being there more often and a new bedroom for them PLUS a new sewing room (larger and even better) for yourself and I about SWOONED!! Happy for you, Randy ... very, very happy!! Linda

  6. You are indeed very lucky! The closest we get to this is when Jonah has slept in our camper with us when we are near them. The last time we talked to them on Skype he said he wants to sleep in the camper again, which made me happy! The love between us and our grandchildren is very special.