Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Where are your centers??

I have to say that I was hoping to have seen a slew of people's centers from our little project.  So far, I've only gotten one picture from my friend Kim.  I really love what she did:

If anyone has finished theirs, please send me a picture.

By the way, the next installment is being posted on Tuesday. That will be the first pieced border, which I did.  Are you done with your centers???

Love to you all,


  1. I will enjoy seeing everyone's progress, but I have too many things going at once already. Otherwise I would have joined in. I hope you have some others joining soon!

  2. I have made 2 different centre blocks. I have just shared photos of them in this post
    on my blog

    Looking forward to the next installment! :)

  3. Hi Randy, Thanks for the sow along. You can check my center out here:
    Looking forward to the first border.

  4. Can't wait for the next round. I just posted a picture of my center. Hugs

  5. I've seen another one and will post a linky hookup next week! Love this center!!

  6. I love this center. I have printed out the center, but that' as far as I have gotten. I have these really weird friends who think we have to do exchanges all the I'm just trying to keep up with them. vbg Also working on a commission photo quilt for a friend. Needs to be done by graduation. Love your end quilt Randy and Lori. Fun, fun, fun.

  7. Oh fun to see my block on your blog.....I'm already for Tuesday's
    directions :0)!

    Happy Sewing and have a blessed Mother's Day Nana :0)

  8. I fully intend to make this. Downloaded and printed the pattern. Time is the issue right now. :)

  9. Back from my mini vacation, but having trouble getting organized and moving on my projects. Love the black background.

  10. Hi! My block is on my blog:

    I love your red version!

    lizzy d