Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Musty odor?

I've been moving all my fabric, piece by piece! 
I'm thinking that there's a musty odor coming from the piles of fabric and I'm wondering if anyone has ever noticed this and what you'd suggest I do.

There's no moisture in the area, so it's not humidity.

I'm noticing also that when I take the piles out of the cabinet, the fabric seems to expand!  It just doesn't seem like it could possibly fit back into the cabinet.  And boy oh boy, does it take forever??!!

There are two of these cabinets.  I've already done three small ones.  I"m on the second big one. I'm hoping to have the room painted Friday and the new bunk beds delivered this weekend. It's finally coming together!!

I am sure you'd love some updated pictures of the darlings:

More to follow!
Love to you all,


  1. Hope you can figure out the odor.
    Cute little faces. : )

  2. when I refolded all my fabric I did notice sometimes there was an odor, stale odor, once I put it all back and yes it did exapnd when I took it out but when I put it back in neatly it left a lot of room to add more! I was surprised.
    I did put a dryer sheet in each closet when I was done.
    the kiddies are adorable, love the quilt!

  3. Boy do I wish I was there to help. I'm not sure of the odor either, and fabric DOES expand. You may just have to get another cabinet...:) vbg.
    Love the "little darlings", hope you get to see mine when you are here.

  4. I had that problem with my fabric and I got one of those jars you open and just set in the closet, it absorbs any odors and any small amount of moisture from humdidity. It seemed to work.
    The kiddos are just so cute. It seems like they are growing way too fast though....

  5. The wee ones are ADORABLE!! How do you stop kissing them?? LOL No help from my end of the fabric odor. I have that task ahead of me as I unpack boxes from moving so I'll be anxious to hear what others suggest. Enjoy fabric fondling ... one of the BEST ways to spend some time! Linda

  6. Sometimes the odor comes from the type of shelving used in the cupboards. Pressed boards instead of plywood and the glue is what causes the odor.


  7. I had some denim my aunt gave me that had been in storage for 20 years, and it still smelled mildewed after washing. I used febreeze and the odor is now gone. I didn't want to wash it again because of the fraying, but I'm making a rag quilt, so I'll wash it a couple of times before giving it to my nephew.