Monday, October 5, 2015

Finished projects

While I was in Wisconsin, I felt motivated to try to actually finish something rather than work on a larger project. So I pulled out a couple of small Kim Diehl projects in her What Nots line and I made two!

This is the block. It finishes at 4"!

I had started this little appliqué project the last time I was in Wisconsin and I finished up the center. I still need to do the outer border which is supposed to have yo-yos!
Please don't look too closely at my appliqué because it's not that great. One of my friends said it was "primitive"!

Here are pictures of some things that my friends were working on this past weekend:
I absolutely love this quilt and will forever kick myself for not having bought the kit when we were in Chicago a couple of years ago from Primitive Gatherings. Isn't it awesome! The fabrics are what make the quilt. The pattern is nothing very intricate but the fabric is just fabulous

A couple of friends were working on string blocks which I thought were adorable.

These are smaller blocks than the other ones. You can see with the phone up against one of the blocks! Terri is making a couple of quilts for her darling homemade camper that her husband put together! I think they'll be perfect!

I love this little quilt too.


  1. Nice to have time with FRIENDS to play and finish a couple projects this year. I like Kim Diehl's designs.

  2. Four inch blocks--wow, Randy, before you know it you will be down to 2"!! : )
    Love Kim's little projects. I have a few of her kits I need to get made. And if someone called my applique "primitive" I would be highly complimented. I don't think mine even rates that high!
    That is a great quilt--sometimes simple is the best, and you can't go wrong with a R/W/B color scheme.
    Nice collection of string blocks. I have a string quilt I started years ago, because I loved the look. However I don't love making the blocks as much as I love looking at them. Really should bite the bullet and get it done!
    Is that last quilt a Pam Buda design? Looks like one of her recent designs, but I could be wrong.

  3. well, it does look primitive, but i still like it and love you!!!! great to see you.....

  4. What sweet little quilts! And I wouldn't worry about your friend's comment, "primitive" is very "in"! I think they are adorable. Good for you!

  5. Lots of really cute projects! The 4" blocks look rather complicated. I love to make string blocks - I usually make them into donation quilts.