Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New arrival!!

What could this be???

I did buy this a while ago but just haven't had time to open it up. 

Certainly has colorful wrapping!!!

Tada!! My new 404!!
Woohoo!! Now I am really not buying anymore machines!!! I've got all the machine I want!! Don't ask me to list thrm though!!

Sewing related:
I'm on a cleaning frenzy and found some indigo fabrics so I made one of the old stars using the indigo fabric:

Like the star!?? Want to make a few and swap with others? I'm taking sign ups for a 5-pack of 6" sawtooth stars. They literally take 12 minutes!! I'll give you directions!!  What do you say?? Join the fun!!


  1. It sounds like fun and I think I have the time to make a few stars!

  2. I could squeeze in a few stars over the next couple of weeks, particularly with instructions!

  3. I love the Singer 400's! As well as the 221's and 301! Wonderful machines that I did not mean to collect but could not turn one away when offered to me. The 404, my Singer sewing machine repairman (former local Singer store owner for 40-50 years) tells me, was made for school home ec departments and was in a cabinet called "schoolhouse cabinet". Yours looks to be in Great Condition!!

  4. Thanks for the SWAP idea, I'm not in a place to participate this year. Too many grands to make Christmas gifts for and I procrastinated too long again. Love the new to you machine!

  5. The Singer has found a great home--beautiful stars--you are inspiring me to get busy on mine!

  6. You did purchase that a while ago! Give her a whirl; she looks like a great find!

  7. pretty sure i can get some together....count me in....

  8. Count me in with the star swap.