Monday, October 26, 2015

Swap, anyone??

I'm thinking of hosting a swap of 6" sawtooth stars.  They go together super fast and are easy!!

I'm thinking of doing it in groups of 5 only.

I'm thinking of doing it soon... if there's any interest.

I know lots of people get busy sewing for Christmas so I was thinking of doing it soon to avoid the conflict.

So, anyone interested???

I'll post instructions with pictures.  My favorite ruler is the one by Open Gate; but any flying geese ruler would work (or even without it, there's easy)

so let me know this week!!!


  1. i think that would be a fun swap....keep me posted....any ideas about fabrics etc?

  2. Of course....I'm in !!! :))))
    I'm waiting for your instructions !
    Hugs !!

  3. Somebody shoot me - I'm in! I know I shouldn't right now, but it sounds like too much fun to pass up.

  4. I'm in ... love a life of pressure ... LOL Linda at

  5. Can't do it--wish I could. Too many quilts with deadlines looming ahead of me. Learned my lesson trying to hurry and squeeze in Pam Buda's SAL and made a mess of that. : )

  6. 6" sawtooth stars? After nearly a year of making Barbara Brackman's 6" sawtooth stars, we can whip those up pretty quickly! Have not tired of making them......I'd love to join your swap! Hope it is reproduction fabrics as that is all I have!

  7. YES sounds like fun :0)...I like these little diversions :0).
    Happy Sewing