Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Stars caught up and more quilts

My friend Claire came over this morning and, to tell the truth, I seem to get much more done with her being around!!

I had two weeks of stars to do:  claret red and cadet blue. I love these colors so did two of each. I even dug into my homespuns, thinking it was ok to mix it up. Hope the quilt police don't come after me!

And the reverse:

I seem to like them with the dark in the background! My seam allowance seems to have gotten larger this week!  So to fix that, I added a tiny strip along the side.  Again, hopefully the quilt police won't arrest me!! I'm far from perfect! And it generally isn't something that bothers me.  I don't like to fudge something when I'm putting the blocks together;  this way, they are all the same size and you will never see the little strip once it's quilted.  At least that's my story and I'm sticking with it!

You might notice the center is a bit "aged" looking!  Thanks to my "new" iron, the fabric got a bit hot! I might replace the center- or not!

One of the exhibits at the quilt show was just fabulous. Cherrywood fabrics sponsored a challenge wherein they distributed a packet of fabric and expected the quilters to make a square along the lines of "Wicked ", the Broadway play. The result was fabulous. This is just one section of that exhibit. 

They published a book on the exhibit, but I thought that the color wasn't close to the real quilts so I passed. 

One of these days I'm going to do something like this. A photograph or post card is cut apart and distributed to a group, each of whom has to replicate the image into a fabric panel. I love these projects. 

Then there was this hand quilted masterpiece (note that Zena Thorpe's quilts were also beautifully hand quilted too):

This machine quilting was equally spectacular!

Oops. I think I reversed the labels. In either case, the quilts are amazing!!

More eye candy tomorrow!

Oh, someone told me that amazing pink octopus had sold for $10,000!!! Not bad although she probably spent a year making it!!


  1. I'm calling the quilt police--they will be right over!! *LOL*
    Wow--love the "Wicked" display of quilts.
    Those cut up panels are so clever.
    The quilting in the close-ups is amazing--machine and hand.

  2. I love the homespuns, your stars are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing more show photos. And I have participated in two of those "group" quilts and I highly recommend it. It was loads of fun both times. I'm sure you could get Lori interested too! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  3. leave the scorched star center. adds character. Hi to Ms. Claire!

  4. Your stars look great Randy and these materspieces are stunning ! Wow !

  5. Isn't the Wicked display fabulous? It just seems to glow when you see all those challenge quilts together--Karla is a genius!

  6. are those french knots or glued on tiny beads? simply gorgeous....

  7. I love your four stars, and my stash has some of the same fabrics. I've been enjoying Barbara's posts but have yet to make even one star. Hopefully this is the week to change that, and if I actually start, your stars were my impetus to get going.