Thursday, October 22, 2015

More quilt show pictures

There was an exhibit displaying quilts which used embellishments. This one had black French lace which of course I loved because it depicts Paris!

I like baskets so I really liked this quilt which has baskets in many different sizes

 I loved the colors of this, which was depicting birthday cakes!
So creative with great quilting!

I love stars and loved the variety in this one. 

This was a Lori Smith design done in red, green and white rather than reproduction colors. 

This was a guild's donation quilt, which I would love to win! I bought 5 tickets and you never know!! They said it was a quilt by Kim McLean called Flowers in the Garden. Might have to find that pattern, just in case I don't win the quilt!

This was one of the major winners and there were too many people blocking the front so I had to take the picture from the side. 

More baskets!

I loved the way this quilt was put together:
So interesting!!

That's it for the show. 
Wasn't it amazing!!!

I have to show you this picture my daughter took of little Miss Emma on their way home Sunday night after they were here for the weekend. We definitely tire them out. 

Here are the 3 of them:
They are staying with us the next two weekends so we are pretty excited. Oh, also resting up!!


  1. I agree with you on the setting of the red and white quilt. appreciate how the quilter used small red and white squares and triangles as fillers.

  2. Thank you for the photos Randy ! The Baltimore are stunning but my favourite is the first one with the unusual with a beautiful quilting !
    The little kids are so sweet !! Happy Gran'ma !!

  3. Energy seems about to burst forth from those three--you'd BETTER rest up! : )
    Lovely quilts you shared. There is something to love about each one and I couldn't choose a favorite.

  4. lovely quilts...thanks so much for mclean has awesome applique patterns...check them out!

  5. Loved the eye candy quilt show ... so many talented quilters out there. BEST pics were the wee ones at the end. Sleep of the innocent .... enjoy them! Linda

  6. Looks like wonderful quilts! Nice photo of the three kids. :) They all look so alike!!

  7. What a great picture! And Emma looks so grown up with her sunglasses, (sans the bink). lol, cheers! cw

  8. Amazing quilts and the quilting is stunning. I would have to save up lots of energy and eat extra portion of Wheaties to keep up with those three

  9. Thanks for sharing so many outstanding quilts with us from the show. Baskets and stars--two of my favorites too. Which gets me to thinking, I have basket blocks from a BOM a year ago, just taking up space in a box. Maybe I could combine them with all the stars I'll be making soon from Barbara's history lessons. Sounds like a possibility. See? I'm still set on making some, using your instructions.
    After the red-and-white quilt extravaganza in NYC, I've seen a variety of quilts honoring that, but this one you shared is a favorite of all the ones I've seen.,