Thursday, October 29, 2015

More stars done

I worked on more stars this week and am completely caught up. At least for now!!

I found this fabric and just love it!!
This is using the sprig muslin. I liked it so much that I did it in reverse with another fabric I found in my stash!!

Then I found a fabric that satisfies the neon requirement, or my version of it, from a few weeks ago. 

Now aren't you completely sold on joining our little swap of 6" sawtooth star ms, in groups of 5??? Let me know by Monday!!

I did Lori's little recent sew along. But didn't like my blocks so I made another set. Now I'm completely confused as to what to do with them. I tried a dozen different fabrics for in between and liked none of them. 

Half are red/white/blue. The other half are pink/brown/black. Any ideas??


  1. What about a gold similar to the small square in the lower left of the photo?

  2. I would audition a medium or medium/light blue with the pink/brown/black and see how that looks.
    The original cheddar would look good with red/white/blue, IMHO.
    Or are you wanting to use them all in one quilt? I see them as two separate ones.

  3. Hi Randy!! I Love the quilt in your header photo! Always difficult to find fabrics for setting squares - I ended up doing gold - might blend all of them. Or as Janet suggests - two separate quilts - I'm thinking double pink setting squares for the pink/black/brown and then any patriotic fabric for the r/w/b. Always hard to see on the computer, but maybe food for thought.

    I would LOVE to join in on the swap! Sounds like fun and I've never done a block swap before! Count me in!

    Blessings and hugs!

  4. Put an acid green with the pink/brown & black and I was going to say a chrome yellow with the re/blue &white but the acid green would be good with all of them.

  5. It's not easy when the result doesn't like anymore..... You have some ideas above or you can put these blocks in a drawer and I'm sure you will find an idea in a few days...or weeks !!
    Pretty stars Randy !

  6. Love the stars! And from my screen it looks like all your "Lori" blocks could easily go into one quilt. I'm with Dorothy on the chrome yellow, but then that is always my "go to" color. I'm sure you will do something fantastic with them. Look forward to seeing what you choose.

  7. I'm not seeing these blocks in one quilt unless you get totally random and make more in another color combo or three. I'm sure you will come up with a great idea on your own since you're seeing them in person while we're viewing a photo.

  8. these stars are STARS!! I especially love the first one on top...but they are all so pretty...lovely work hugs, Julierose

  9. Put me down for the swap if you don't have me on the list already. LOVE some of your color choices especially the cream/black/red directional one. VERY cool!! Linda

  10. I would love to join, if I had time. Sawtooth stars is on my to do list. I'll look forward to seeing your pictures!

  11. Those blocks look great ! I do love that floral print, solo pretty! cheers, cw