Thursday, January 26, 2012

Binding of a different nature

So, in anticipation of the upcoming sow-a-long, I went to my local Fed Ex store and had them chop off the binding of the book and install a spiral binding on it. Now it can lie completely flat!! It cost about $5 and was well worth the investment, especially knowing how much use I'm going to be getting out of it. Are you all getting ready to start?? Are you picking fabrics? I think anything will be fabulous! I'm hoping  to set it up so we can link everyone's blogs together. And maybe even have a little icon you can click on to get to my blog. I'm going to have to consult with an expert on that one!

I still have another quilt to show you from the retreat last weekend in Wisconsin. This was a swap organized by Pat at Life's A Stitch. I call it an album block; they're small but just fabulous! I'd love to make this quilt, but will have to put it on the list!

Of course, no one said you have to make all the blocks to make a top that large. So don't feel overwhelmed by the Farmer's Wife blocks. You can make it whatever size you want. Laptop would be great; you can put them on point and alternate them with a solid. Anything goes in this group!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday.


  1. As soon as my book arrives it is getting spiral bound, too! Great idea.
    That is such a wonderful scrappy quilt--love it!!

  2. I am so excited about your quilt along. I meet once a week with my two best friends to quilt. For Christmas I bought each one of us a copy of The Farmer's Wife and this year we are going to do a block a week. Now we have your blog to keep us focused and add to the enjoyment. Thank you in advance for all the fun! And....I love your idea of getting the book spiral bound.

  3. Great idea getting the book spiral bound. I wonder if I can squeeze this project into my sewing schedule. Hmmmmm

  4. I love to have the binding replaced on books I reference frequently. I haven't managed to get it done on my FW book as yet and must remedy that! Looking forward to seeing your blocks.

  5. Great idea...I need to run to Kinkos and have them do that to my book! I might add that when you print the templates, be sure to make the adjustment with your printer, or they will not print out correctly. Fortunately, I had only printed to templates for one block and of course, it was not the right finished size. Went back and read the instructions again, and they came out perfect. I have also gone through and picked out some that I thought I could rotary cut and came up with the cutting measurements...Looking forward to the QAL!

  6. Randy, you might want to check out this link.

    After reading some reviews with complaints about the way the templates are on the disc, I read a recommendation for this link.

  7. good idea to have the book spiral bound I will do that as well!
    beautiful quilt!!!!
    I love little blocks and lots of fabrics

  8. it IS a great idea; i did that to a few of my quilt books, well worth the few dollars it costs...and i too love that mini album block quilt

  9. Hi Randy, Just found your blog and am interested in your FW sew a long. Is there a place to sign up, or what. Love the little patchwork quilt!! Great idea about the binding!

    Have a great day!

  10. I am teaching the FW as a group project this year. I'll be posting tutorials on my blog for the some of the blocks with rotary cutting instructions. I am grouping like blocks together, and we are starting with the easiest blocks first to tune-up the 1/4" seam allowance. My book is already falling apart, so good call on the spiral bound.