Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Farmer's Wife, to be continued

I have to say I'm extremely impressed by the response! In fact, I've overwhelmed. There are quite a few of you in the blogosphere who are interested in doing this quilt.  I'm going to have to think about how to organize our group. First of all, there are 111 blocks! The book comes with a cd which only has templates, NO measurements.  I am heading out to Wisconsin (YEAH!! AGAIN!!) to meet with my quilting friends there this weekend and hope to have some organizational ideas for you when I return.

This week, California enjoyed some really cold weather. In fact, it was so cold that the water in our dogs' water bucket froze!! I don't know if you can see that from the picture. But, seriously, this is California, and it's not Lake Tahoe. So what gives??? We had 60* weather a couple of weeks ago, and still no rain!

Mark and I were in Chicago for the weekend and had a wonderful time. Wasn't even that cold.  But upon my return, I had to make sure I found time to pick up the darling grandson Ryan and take him to breakfast in the morning. My daughter has started a nightly ritual whereby he lies down on her bed, with his bottle and watches Sesame Street. Here he was last night. Adorable, or what???

I'll be back on Monday, with some great ideas, pictures and stories.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Next to Bonnie, you are the travelingest (can you tell I made up that word?) quilter I know! Look forward to your ideas when you return.

  2. I have been reading your blog since you started...just never posted. I met up with your friends at the Road 2 California show today and at Bonnie's trunk show on Monday. Small world!

  3. Sounds like you are one busy quilter. Hope you get some great ideas for the quilt along and some pictures of pretty quilts to share.

  4. Have a great week end sewing. Enjoy your quilty friends.

  5. Tell Pat and the girls hello from me! Have fun!!

    If all of the rain we have had is coming in snow in Sunriver your house should be about buried by now!!! Crazy weather.

  6. Hi Randy, It's Pam down in Chico :) We had 19 degree weather two days ago. That is the coldest I can remember in a very long time! We had Christmas lights on our lemon tree and sheets over our plants. Our front yard looked ridiculous! Good luck with the Farmer's Wife. Morning Star Quilts in Paradise has a group doing it right now from the templates. I know the Marti Michell templates are quite helpful with all of that too and she has "lessons" that you can subscribe to. Have a great sewing time! If you are ever down in Chico, let me know and we can meet up! Pam

  7. Hi randy, we have 42c today and 38 tomoro. whew. I used the Nifty Notions rulers for most of the blocks. Converted the measurements on the cd. Have done 80 so far. Good luck

    1. Annie, Would you email me: I want to ask you about your progress on the quilt.