Friday, January 27, 2012

The Eyes have It

I wanted to start working on my sow-a-long and made one block, using my favorite pink/browns. Once I finished the block,  I realized the brown has 2 big eyes staring at me! VBG. I made another one with different fabric in case I got tired of getting The Eye from my own block. That's surely a Contrary Wife, I'll say (block #21).

I'm sewing this afternoon with my friend Claire, so I'm excited about that. I'm still unpacking from the retreat, trying to find everything. I'm missing all my little leader-ender bow-ties I made. UGH.

hope everyone has a great day today!


  1. what a crack up on the Eyes..LOL!!!! Save it for the back or something. Have fun with Claire!

  2. I love the eyes! You couldn't have made them better if you planned it!!

  3. Perfect little eyes peeping at you. Cute block.
    Hope those bow ties show up soon.

  4. How about just turning that block around?

    The fun begins!

  5. I'm a late joiner-inner. Lori mentioned your quilt-along, AKA Sow Along, and I'm getting up the courage to join in. I have an unfinished Dear Jane, I'm just starting a Round Robin at our local quilt guild, I volunteered to make a retirement quilt for our boss and already have $$$ from co-workers, I have boxes of UFOs and tops to be quilted, and here I am, ready to commit to your quilt-along. Oh well, I need the push and I've had the book for a year. I'm up for the challenge. Lead on!!!!!

    BTW -- love those eyes. I think I see sliced olives :)
    Now, I'm off to our local Staples to have my book spiral bound.

  6. Oh my, I really like both of your blocks. Eyes and all. Hope you find those bow tie blocks. It would be a shame if they didn't turn up. They were so darn adorable. Keep plugging away at those FW blocks, before you know it, you'll have half done.