Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Heading home tomorrow...

I'm heading back to California tomorrow; the whole family has gone and the house is EMPTY.  I really HATE being in the house after everyone has left...know what I mean by a big VOID??

I did take the darling grandson for many walks, especially since it was unseasonably warm.  Only one day of snow.  Yesterday, the bumpy bike path (ice, snow) put the little guy to sleep! Is this adorable or what??

I didn't get much sewing done after our little retreat ended.  I did want to do the little red/white blocks from the Take 2 project and got 5 of them done. No freezer paper didn't help. And I'm such the scrappy piecer that my blocks are quite different.  Anybody else working on it?

More from Santa Cruz later in the week. Have a great week!


  1. Oh, the little guy looks so cozy!
    I haven't done the Take 2, though I have seen several posts about it. Are the blocks not supposed to be scrappy? I think your look great.

  2. With everyone gone I am sure you are ready to get home. Your blocks looks great!!

  3. It is always hard after being together then all of a sudden...where did everyone go? Toooo quiet.
    Your blocks look good. I just say the Take 2 on Lori's blog, I might have to go check that out.
    Have a safe trip.