Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A few cuties (and not tangerines!)

My friends in Wisconsin have these adorable pincushions made from these antique glass figurines that are just adorable. Have you seen these before? DarLynn made me one a couple of years ago but I'd loved to have had the time to shop at an antique store to pick up a couple of others. I mean, there's always room for more pincushions, right??

I'm going to show you one more quilt from that weekend. It's a simple 9-patch but I love how Rose set them. Apparently it was another swap they did together (I'm tell ya-- these Wisconsin quilters know how to swap!!). I love it. So simple yet so dramatic. And so SCRAPPY!!!

So, TOMORROW is Feb. 1st, and you know what that means!!! Start your machines! Put a new blade into your rotary cutter!  Clean off your cutting mat! Pull your fabrics!! Tomorrow is Part 1 of the Farmer's Wife Sow-A-Long! WOOHOO!!!  Get a good night's sleep tonight!!!


  1. Next to stars, nine patches are my favorite!!! Such a neat quilt!!

  2. Cute, cute pincushions. Something else to look for at the antique stores!
    Beautiful 9-patch. A favorite of mine, as well.
    Okay, I am actually going to be home tomorrow, my book has arrived, I have new blades, and a pile of plaid shirts. I am ready!

  3. Adorable pincushions. Can never have too many of those.
    Love the nine patch quiult.