Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Inspiration from others

Some of the quilts which were shared at my retreat were absolutely amazing. This wool appliqué quilt, done by Debbie Dodge, is gorgeous! I don't think I am up for doing this type of quilt but it sure is beautiful! I've heard that wool appliqué is "easy" but it still looks very labor intensive and being the type of quilter I am, liking quick results, makes me hesitate to tackle that.
I've also been able to stay on top of the Take 2 red/white project. Here are my latest 6 blocks!


  1. I think a block fell off your board--I'm only seeing five. : ) But those five look good!
    That is a gorgeous wool applique quilt. Just lovely, but not something I would do, either. I don't consider myself a patient quilter, hence the replacement of the string blocks on my Orca Bay with striped fabric.

  2. I have that book...for the wool quilt. Love your red and white blocks.

  3. Being a red/white fan, have to say I love your blocks. How do you get so much done? HEHE a quilter's secret, I know. Thanks for what you do for us. Am waiting for your next two or three FW blocks. I love that you are doing this for us.
    Yes, s I have said before having a little one around keep u young. Continuing fun with him. Piff