Friday, January 6, 2012

Tour Guide for the day

I returned home from Oregon late Wednesday night, went for two long walks with friends yesterday, so got no sewing done.
Today, though, is a special day. My friend Caroline from Brussels is on her way to Southern California (to many quilt related events, including a Bonnie Hunter class...I"m so jealous she gets to see my friend). She met up with 2 blogger friends and they were able to squeeze me into their busy travel schedule so I'm going to head up to San Francisco and take them around. The weather is glorious in the Bay Area so it'll be a great day for sightseeing.
I'll report back with photos tomorrow.
Have a great Friday.


  1. So why aren't you attending Bonnie's class? Is real life standing in your way? It constantly stands in mine! : )
    Have a great time showing these quilters the town. Sounds like a fun day!

  2. What fun a little touring in the City! I am jealous too! call me when you get back so we can do some sewing too! cheers, CW