Saturday, April 1, 2017

A child's rambings

This is completely un-quilt related but I had to share this, before I forget.

I was driving little Emma (4-1/2) home from the grocery store this afternoon and we had this conversation:

Emma:   Nana, which is your favorite animal??

Me:       I love dogs, Emma.  Which is your favorite animal,  Emma??

Emma:   Kangeroos!

Me:       (after a little chuckle).  Why kangeroos?

Emma:  Because they jump.

Who can resist a laugh over that one.  A kangeroo???

Her second favorite animal?   A goldfish!!

gotta love the kids!


  1. Ah Ah !! adorable !!! What a great memory for you !
    Have a wonderful Sunday Randy !

  2. How cute, out of the mouths of babes for sure. You have to love them...have fun hugs, Julierose

  3. Precious! You got to give it to her though; she knows what she likes. And why not a kangaroo, Nana? Kids to say the sweetest things ... sometimes. Thanks for sharing this little moment with us. Enjoy! ;^)

  4. So sweet! I know you cherish every moment with those special little people!