Monday, April 3, 2017

Goose in the Pond finish

The last steps for our sew along !! Finally.

The last units to construct are the little 9-patches. Remember they will be finishing at 3" (3-1/2" unf) and you will need 4 of them. The easiest way to go is to cut strips of your two colors and sew them together in sets of dark-light-dark and light-dark-light.  You'll need more of the former.  Remember the strips should be cut at 1-1/2" wide and at least 18" long

Once they're sewn, you'll sub-cut them into 1-1/2" pieces and then sew them together into a 9-patch.

I like to "twist" my seams in the back so they lie flatter.  Remember to check the size of your units.  I always check once they're constructed to make sure that my larger block is the right size.

Aren't they pretty?  Note I am using two different colored threads...just using what I have near my machine.  I know--I'm bad!

You'll need also 5 solid squares at 3-1/2".

Now take your half square triangles, your rail fences, your 9 patches and your solids and assemble:

This block will measure 15" finished.  What a great project.  You can make more blocks and sew them together using sashing or not.  Or use just one block for a wall-hanging (think Lori's little doll quilt swap!!) or 4 for a nice wall-hanging!

thanks for participating!!!  Hope you had fun. Send me a picture of what you did and I'll post it!!


  1. Are you doing all reds dear Randy? I am puzzling and second guessing my fabric choices!

  2. That is a great block! Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to making any. 😂 I really love it, but have been too involved with other projects. Maybe in the future.

  3. I love it, too! Someday...*sigh*

  4. It's a very cute block ! Love your fabrics Randy ! :)