Thursday, April 27, 2017

Winner of Bunny pincushion and MORE

The winner of the bunny Primitive Gatherings pin cushion pattern is:


Please send me your address so I can pop it in the mail!

I have done a little sewing on the Triangle Gatherings project and got a few more blocks done:

I love these fabrics!

I went yesterday to Filoli Gardens about an hour away for a class on pruning Japanese Maples (I do occasionally garden!) and saw this wisteria blooming and just thought it was fabulous!

I was able to get a picture of the Cotton Club quilt for which I offered to give away the pattern.

I wish I knew what happened to my quilt, seriously.  I can't remember if I sold it or gave it away.  Maybe I should be more religious about keeping track of my quilts... or at least keeping a record!  Do you??

I have been very busy this week, just having returned from being away, but I am committed to finishing my little challenge/swap with Janet O.  Here is a sneak peak at a corner of it:

She sent me a stack of 2-1/2" strips from a jelly roll and we are making each other a 12" little quilt.  All I can say is mine will have the 12" quilt and more!! I hope to have my project done and mailed tomorrow... I'll post the picture next week, after she receives it!


  1. Your Triangle Gatherings blocks are so cheerful!
    I love Wisteria! You don't see it much around here.
    That is a beautiful quilt, Randy. I hope it has not been lost. If you gave it to someone, maybe they will see this post and remind you. : )
    Hm, that little peek at your swap quilt looks suspiciously like a bit of the quilt I am making. Must be the fabrics. LOL

  2. I'm really liking those triangle blocks! Such fun fabrics!!

  3. Neat triangle blocks! I really haven't kept track of many quilts that have been given or donated...I wish now that I had at least a picture of them all...
    Nice fabrics you are using there...hugs, Julierose

  4. Triangles are looking good are you using the triangle paper to make them? Have not tried it myself but it does make perfect triangles. Hope someone will be able to tell you they have your quilt. Wisteria so beautiful I also love climbing hydrangea. I have more or less given up on log cabin as I can never get it accurate enough though there is a ruler that you trim too so maybe I will invest in that have you any tips please